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Ruffle hustle. Hire us for Blocked sinks in London

Blocked sink is a serious issue and can happen at any time. Hair, grease, gunge and other materials can sometimes build up in the u-bend of a sink and completely block the pipework. Got your sink blocked? DON’T WORRY! We are here to extend a helping hand. Get your blocked sink in London cleared efficiently and effectively at S & L Drainage Ltd at a viable price.

What Set Us Apart

Our drainage experts are ready to help you unblock your sinks in a matter of minutes. We offer drain CCTV surveys that helps in locating drainage problems like 
• Clogged Drains
• Damaged Pipework 
• Blocked Sinks In London
At S & L Drainage Ltd., we offer a fast response time, so you can rest assured that your sinks will be ready to restore to the full working order in an effective, timely and efficient manner.

What Causes A Sink Blockage?

Aside from the build-up of hair, gunge and grease, there are several reasons your sinks can be blocked from the issues such as foreign objects. Blocked and overflowing sinks can be a serious problem for both commercial and residential premises as well as their owners. It creates damp and potential odour issues. The root cause of the blockages is not easily identifiable or always obvious, which is where our professional service comes in. We provide expert knowledge on what may be the cause of blockage. Our team will fix your blocked sinks and remove the issue in an efficient manner.
A blocked sink in your bathroom, kitchen or business premises is more than just a minor irritation. Blocked sinks mean flooding and nasty overflows that ends up with a huge potential cost as well as an inconvenience for your home or business. You need our help, if the water drains away slowly or can’t drain away. We promise our team of friendly and professional engineers will free your blocked sink quickly.

Professional Plumbers are Ready to Cope With Any Obstruction

We have experienced plumbers and all the right tools to cope with the most persistent obstructions. When unblocking sinks, we use the high pressure jetting technology as well as the electromechanical equipment. 
No matter it is a clogged or blocked kitchen sink or bathroom sink, we can unblock it for you. Clearing blocked sink is one of our specialties. We know how easily sinks get blocked and familiar with the trouble that can cause, if this problem persists. It can be fairly easy or straightforward to fix, if the blockage is not too severe. But, if your sink is blocked and hot water, vinegar and soda crystals aren’t helping, then it’s time to contact us for expert help.

Ruffle/Hustle – Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Hire Us for the Blocked Sinks

We strongly suggest you avoid using the harsh chemicals and other drain unblocking solutions such as caustic soda because these can burn your skin on contact. This may also leave a hazardous residue around your sink for many hours after use. 
You should never dispose of the hard materials, solid food and soap pieces down your sinks. Much of this material will be caught in the S-bend under the sink. Some will even find its way to the waste pipes or other drainage points. That’s why, it is always a good practice to hire a professional service provider like us. We can efficiently remove the larger lumps of waste, before they enter the drain.
Our qualified engineers understand the drain clearing technology and expertise to clear all blocked sinks in London. Best of all, we also guarantee to arrive on time as promised. 
If you have a blocked sink, call S & L Drainage Ltd. now, and let us fix it for you!
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