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A blocked toilet is undoubtedly a frustrating situation that everyone wants to have resolved as soon as possible. This is a type of emergency that would get worse if delayed. Hiring S & L Drainage Ltd. Means, you can make your home or office become livable again. We are a trusted name when it comes to blocked wc services in London for both domestic and commercial clients. With a bit of hard work, we will be able to unblock the water closet efficiently.

Reliable Service - You Can Count On Us

With our specialist service, you can have your blocked toilet repair round the clock. You might be able to unblock the toilet yourself, but if the problem is with the water closet, then seeking our professional help would be a wise option.  

Our Professionals Can Handle Any Problem

Usually, blocked toilets caused due to the excessive amount of toilet papers, nappies, or sanitary products being flushed down the toilet. Sometimes even a mobile phone or toy can end up being flushed down the toilet and thus causing a toilet blockage. In order to prevent bigger blockages building up, our professional unblocking service is highly recommended as soon as the problem is noticed.

Avoid Property Damage Due To Water Over Flow And Hire Us

A blocked or broken wc can be a nightmare for any residential or commercial property. Not only it is unsanitary but also causes damage to the carpets, floorboards. Additionally, it also causes a whole host of other small and big problems such as bad smell and mould. Whether you need a regular or emergency repair for your water closet, our specialists are always there to help. We will provide you an experienced and qualified service that will have your blocked wc repaired in no time.
For us, stopping an overflowing toilet is not a hard job. We get dozens of calls every day from people who need toilet plumbing jobs done in their residential and commercial premises. Just like water closet blockage, lots of things can go wrong. That’s why it is important to pinpoint the problem on call, if you are unable to fix it yourself. 
One of the most undesirable water closet issues is that a blocked toilet can cause an overflow. It could flood your bathroom with the unclean water and add fire to the worst case scenario. The causes of such problems can be either due to inadequate flushing mechanism or due to the materials being flushed down the toilet. Minor blockages can be alleviated with a plunger, but if the problem is more substantial, then our experience in the toilet plumbing will be needed. Such kind of problems often traced in the pipework or water closet system.

Diagnose Simple And Complex Situation At A Same Price

We use simple ways to identify the minor toilet plumbing issues. If the problem is related to any significant repairs or replacements in an emergency, then it is best to consult us. We have a fully qualified and professional team of toilet repair engineers, who can treat all types of wc problems for you. Our local toilet blockage plumbers are expert in unblocking toilets, offering a competitive and fixed price service in London. 
Even if you can’t identify the root cause of the problem, contact us. With no call out charge and a quick response time, you can be sure to fix your blocked toilet problem efficiently and effectively. Unblocking toilet’s wc is our core service. Our drainage experts can fix any toilet, anytime, anywhere in London.

We Avoid Using Harmful Drain Chemicals

We only use right and conventional mechanical methods for blocked wc in London. It is our policy to avoid using any harmful chemical drain materials in the unblocking.

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