Benefits of Drain Lining for Blocked Drains in Bromley

Do you often encounter problems with blocked drains at your Bromley property? Older, deteriorated pipes and drainage systems are prone to damage, which leads to blocked toilets and blocked sinks. The team at S & L Drainage Ltd offer prompt, high-quality services to clear clogged drains from debris affecting the free-flow of water. Cracks and holes caused by environmental damage, such as root ingress, can easily be alleviated by drain lining installations.


Advantages of Drain Lining Installations


We used CCTV equipment to determine the sources of clogged drains. This state-of-the-art technique is also useful for assessing the condition of your pipes. Our blocked drain and maintenance specialists can resolve the issue by reinforcing the interior of your pipework. This is carried out without digging or excavating around your Bromley property. Instead, the new drain lining is moulded into the existing pipe, using water and air pressure.


As soon as damaged pipes and blocked drains have been cleared, Bromley clients can enjoy the benefits drain lining as follows:


  • Eliminates the Likelihood of Excavation Work
  • Repairs Leaking and Cracked Pipes
  • Strong Materials Used, Including Cured-in-Place (CIP) Membranes
  • Cost-Effective Solution Compared to Pipe Replacements
  • Drainage Systems are Moulded and Cured Within Hours of Installation
  • Quickly Alleviates Issues with Blocked Sinks and Blocked Toilets


Drain Lining Techniques


Depending on the extent of the damage, our team of blocked drain experts recommend fixing holes and cracks with patch jobs, or complete drain lining installations for larger issues. High-quality drain liners which are made from polyester resin-based felt are designed to restore the drainage to your property, as soon as blocked toilets and blocked sinks have been cleared.


  1. Our drainage experts initially provide domestic and commercial clients in Bromley with a free quote to rectify clogged drains.
  2. We’ll arrange a convenient time to conduct a site visit to determine the type of services you require.
  3. We perform a CCTV survey to thoroughly check blocked drains and analyse the integrity of your pipes.
  4. The footages recorded from the CCTV inspection allows us to recommend the ideal course of action, from patching smaller areas to relining your drain.
  5. If drain lining is advised, we insert the membrane into the pipe, which is inflated and fitted to the pipe walls by compressed air and water.


Like CCTV fibre optic cables, drain lining membranes can be inserted into your pipes, without the hassle of excavating around your property. This benefits clients if faulty pipes are located below ground or running underneath the Bromley venue itself.


Drain Lining Membranes


Premium-quality drain lining is typically made from a Cured-in-Place (CIP) membrane. These membranes are made from polyester and felt resins, which are activated by hot water, steam or UV technology once they have been installed. Due its durable blend of materials, CIP membranes have a long lifespan.


New drain lining installations improve the flow of water at your Bromley property and prevent blocked toilets or blocked sinks from causing you embarrassing issues.

To speak to our specialists about clearing clogged drains and fitting drain lining membranes at your property in Bromley or the surrounding area, call 020 3727 5549.

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