CCTV Surveys for Blocked Drains in Bromley & Romford

No matter what the issue maybe, domestic and commercial clients in Brentwood, Bromley, Romford and the surrounding areas can rely on our team to fix blocked drains with the help of CCTV surveys. S & L Drainage Ltd understand the hassle involved with clogged drain systems, which is why we offer a fast and efficient solution. State-of-the-art CCTV equipment helps us to quickly find the source of the problem – from clearing blocked drains to fixing cracked pipes. Home and business owners across West Sussex, London and Essex can depend on our cost-effective techniques.

Blocked Drains in Bromley

CCTV Surveys Explained


The team at S & L Drainage Ltd are highly-proficient at undertaking CCTV survey techniques to fix blocked drains. Firstly, we insert a fibre optic camera cable into your drain, which is directed through your pipes to search for the issue. The camera relays a live feed back to our monitors, providing us with a clear view of the drainage system interiors. Here we can find and identify the cause of blocked drains in detail.


CCTV surveys help drainage companies like us with the following:


  • Highlighting the condition of pipes and drainage systems to determine if drain lining solutions are required
  • Locating the source of clogged drains, which can range from tree roots and silt, to grease or other types of household debris
  • Helping blocked drain specialists to conduct repairs in a prompt and timely fashion
  • Enabling our experts to provide Brentwood, Bromley and Romford clients with clear evidence for a trusted and reliable service


Once the issue has been confirmed, our blocked drain specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to clear clogged drains with high-pressure water jets. Extensive damage, such as root ingress, may require excavations to access pipes and manually remove the blockage.


Benefits of a CCTV Survey


The drainage consultants at S & L Drainage Ltd include CCTV surveys as part of their flat rate services. The advantage of the modern technology we use allows us to accurately determine the cause of block drains, whilst creating minimal disruption to your Brentwood, Bromley, Romford, West Sussex, London or Essex property. As pipes and drainage systems are located underground, specialised cameras help our technicians to access pipework and locate the problematic area.


The main advantages for domestic and commercial clients in Brentwood, Bromley, Romford and the nearby areas are as follows:


  • CCTV surveys provide great visibility of underground drains and pipes
  • It is a cost-effective method to resolve clogged drains
  • The likelihood of excavation work is reduced, depending on the issue
  • The root cause of the problem is efficiently identified in hard-to-reach areas
  • Brentwood, Bromley and Romford clients are provided with a detailed report, with CCTV footage recorded onto a DVD or SD card
  • Block drain experts outline recommendations for maintenance and repairs
  • All services are available for 24/7 emergency callouts throughout East Sussex, London and Essex

For more information about the CCTV surveys we carry out to fix blocked drains in Brentwood, Bromley, Romford and the surrounding areas, call 020 3727 5549.

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Blocked Drains in Bromley
Blocked Drains in Bromley
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Blocked Drains in Bromley
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Blocked Drains in Bromley